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Our focus, structural correction - is a branch of chiropractic that focuses on the correction of your spine back to within the normal range. As you are well aware, there are normal ranges for our bodies, such as body temperature, blood pressure, cholesterol, and even eyesight. When a structural shift occurs the entire body compensates which often leads to pain and decreased function in your body.

One of the biggest differences between a traditional chiropractic office and our practice is to first understand the goals of traditional chiropractic care.

The goals of traditional chiropractic are:

1) Temporary reduction in pain
2) Decreasing muscle spasm
3) Increasing range of motion

These are excellent goals and there are many chiropractors that do an excellent job at providing you with traditional chiropractic care.
At Inlet Physical Medicine, our objective and our focus is Structural Correction.

In the vast majority of cases those that make their way to our practice, are often referred to us from other chiropractors and medical doctors in the area, based on our reputation of getting results. We provide specific adjustments to the spine based on what each individual brings to the table.

During our analysis we look for structural shifts. These structural shifts are the underlying cause that often reveal themselves as “symptoms.” Our adjustments focus exclusively on the correction of the underlying cause – the structural shifts.